The new Tefillin Station initiative that we have been working on for a while is now a reality! If you know anyone that would like to host a station or partner with us as a sponsor please let us know!

For directions on how to put on Tefillin click here
Sample Tefillin Station is currently located at Chabad Chayil
Directory of locations coming
To sponsor a station go to the GoFundMe page set up for this project. 

The immediate goal is to have 10 stations set up in the next 10 weeks, and 25 in the next year.

Each station including the instruction and dedication plaques, pair of (Gasot - more durable) Tefillin, embroidered bag with GPS tracker & Kipas will cost between approximately $1950.
Dedicate one for $2,000 will cover setting it up and filling it with Tefillin Booklets. 

Eventually we will add some type of iPad with video instructions and the ability for a Tefillin Selfie on one side and a shelf with Shabbat Candle kits on the other side.

The stands will be manned whenever possible, but will always be there regardless of manpower.

Station Sponsors in Formation
Robert & Lorena Lechter in honor of Chabad
Blanca Garazi Schoonover in memory of David Egozi z'l לע'נ דוד בן משה - כ' כסלו תשפ'ג

To sponsor a station go to the GoFundMe page set up for this project. 
You can also pay via and we'll manually add your name from the back end. 

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