Dedicate a part of a Torah Scroll
Honoring the Memory & Legacy of Rabbi Dovid Bryn zt”l

We are super happy to announce that all 54 Torah portions have been dedicated. You can still dedicate a letter, word, verse or chapter. We also have the silver crown, the wood/silver Atzei Chaim, Yad & Ark needed to dedicate. 

Endow A Portion
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Dedication Opportunities
Endow the first letters of your Jewish name, a word, verse or chapter in the Torah that has special meaning for yourself, your family or a friend. Endow a weekly Torah or Maftir portion for yourself, your family or a friend by choosing a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or wedding anniversary or in memory of a loved one by choosing the portion of their Yahrtzeit.
 To Dedicate a Complete Parsha See Below   $72 Word How Many?
$180 Verse How Many?
$360 Chapter How Many?
$613 Maftir How Many?
 Letter - Any Amount How Many? 
Dedicate a Complete Parsha
With each portion dedicated there will be a personal Siyum Completion Ceremony in your home (or venue of choice)! You can invite your family and friends and then give them the opportunity to write a letter in YOUR Torah portion! Payment plans are available.
$1,800 Regular Sedra (Weekly portion)
Please indicate which portion(s) you would like to endow: | Click here to view listing of available potions
How Many?

$3,600 First or Last Portion of Book.
Sefer or Chazak

Which One?
Sponsor an Item
Special blessings for health, happiness and prosperity. Payment plans are available.
$18,000 Travelling Ark
Dedicate the Ark
$11,000 Crown
The beautiful Sterling Silver Crown will be prominently displayed above the Torah
$10,000 Eitz Chayim
The two wooden shafts attached to either end of the Torah scroll
$5,400 BreastPlate
The beautiful Sterling Silver Breastplate will be prominently hung on the Torah
$5,400 Yad
The beautiful Sterling Silver pointer prominently hung on the Torah
 $18,000 Siyum Party Main Sponsor  - The completion ceremony is supposed to be like a Wedding!

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I will send a check to Chabad Chayil 2601 NE 211 Terrace, North Miami Beach, FL 33180
Please make checks payable to: Chabad Chayiil Torah fund

To create a payment plan please contact Rabbi Kievman

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