Welcome to the Chai Club Partnership! 
Please Remember 2 things:
1) Every dollar counts. 2) When it comes to charity, Hashem pays you back 10x!

$1.80 Daily $3.60 Daily $5.40 Daily $9 Daily $18 Daily
$1 Daily $18 Monthly  $36 Monthly $54 Monthly $72 Monthly
$180 Monthly $360 Monthly $540 Monthly $1,000 Monthly Other $  

Chai Club = Any monthly donation of any amount gets you in
A monthly donation of $54 ($1.80 per day) gets you on to the new Chai Club Wall
Bronze = A monthly donation of $101 or more
Silver = A monthly donation of $260.1 or more
Gold = A monthly donation of $540 or more
Platinum = A monthly donation of $1,000 or more

Diamond = A monthly donation of $1,800 or more
Founder = A monthly donation of $3,600 or more

Yissachar Zevulun Deal click here

Adopt-a-Day* = 1/365th of our annual operational budget 
Founders Club* = Starts at 4 Days
*we will go through our budget with you & can give you a copy of our audited financials 

Please charge the above amount to my credit card today & on the first of each month.
If a different day of the month works better for you, please indicate in notes.









Founders Club & Adopt-A-Day Partners

Alberto & Sarita Azout 
Irv & Arlene Blander
Nathan & Diana Bursztyn
Abraham & Wendy Cohen
Harry & Dina Dornbush
Juvani & Limor Fishman

Joe & Esther Golinsky
Judah & Hillary Holland
Meyer & Patricia Minski
Isaac & Susy Mendal
Barry Snyder 
Benny & Reyna Weinbach

Bronze, Silver & Gold Partners

Donnie Berman
Nancy Brook
Eliyahu Ben Avraham De Mendoca
Gabriel Falk
Avi & Itta Feundlich
Noberto & Karina Grinstein
Ariel & Rachel Hijuelos
Pinny & Souchie Kievman
Eli & Rivka Klinger

Robert  & Lorena Lechter
Alfie Low
David & Chana Low
Angel & Lucy Peralta
Jorge Rodriguez
Dr Jose & Eva Rub
Abel & Ceci Salk
Misha & Rita Shmukler
Stephen and Denise Fiske

Chai Club Partners

Benjamin & Diva Abadia
George & Claris Abraham
Lea Apel
Alex & Jenie Aretuo
Isaac Azran
Mayra Babani
Gustavo & Marina Blachman
Mendy & Esti Boas
Erica Chao
Jessica & Bruce Coane
Marcos & Esther Fintz
Hara Frankel
Alan Habbaz
Daniel & Florence Halberstein
Saguit & Eyal Hazan
Patricia Landazuri

Julie Trachtenberg Horev
Daniel & Clara Kattan
Mike Klein
Ruben & Cheryl Kloda
Eytan & Aedan Laor
Deborah Levene
Sonny & Pearl Levitt
Joe & Batel Levy
Motti & Natalie Lucky
Gedalia & Miriam Menaker
Molay Media
Billy & Perla Najman
Avi & Ruth Narkes
Eliezer & Taliah Nerenberg
Gabriella Hirschmann

David Perets
Belkis & Daniel Pimentel
Allyne Pruzhinin
Esther Rabayeva
Gustavo & Silvana Rosemblat
Avraham & Michla Roth
Andres & Melina Safdie
Hadassah & Eber Sancher
Shmuel Sandhus
Benny Seren
Zoraida Simpson
Orit Tahan
Alan & Arlene Wasser
Jack & Malky Wiesenberg
Michael Wohl
Nelly Gil


If you've come to this page, you probably know a bit about Chabad Chayil & we thank you for being a part of our family! By now you are surely familiar with CHAP (Dade County's #1 Rated Afterschool Program), CTeen in the high schools, CTeen Jr for middles schoolers, Shabbat & Holiday Meals, Gan Chabad Preschool, Top Notch Youth Programs, the largest Jewish Library in FL, Meaningful Street Fairs & Community Events and other services offered. All of Chabad's work can only happen with your help. Thus we invite you to become a partner in our valuable work and get blessed from every Mitzvah we accomplish together! Give Chai! Get Chai!

The Chai Club Partnership is the heartbeat of our organization, comprised of individuals committed to the financial life-support of Chabad Chayil.

Chabad does not ask for annual membership dues. We believe in an open-door policy, where everyone is welcome. Yet we still have bills to pay.

A crucial element of support for our work comes from hard-working individuals who commit to a monthly contribution. These monthly donations add up and make a great difference in covering our operational budget.

Our goal this year is to get 50 new people to give $3.60 per day but really, any amount you sign up for will make a huge difference and is greatly appreciated.  

With Blessing,  
Rabbi Moishe & Layah Kievman

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you can partner with us EVERY DAY!  
$3.60 Per Day = $108 per month
$5.40 Per Day = $162 per month
$1.80 Per Day = $54 per month

Any amount is significant 
“Each and every penny adds up to a large amount” The Talmud

It’s thanks to you that people have a place to call home, to spend Shabbat, to celebrate, to study & to pray. And it’s thanks to you that countless people are able to be helped in a real way, every day of the year. So on behalf of those you’re helping, Thank You!


  A monthly donation of $54 ($1.80 per day) or more gets you on to the new Chai Club Wall
Temporary Chai Club Partnership Sign.jpg

For building dedications  click here