The Grow curriculum has been thoughtfully designed by top experts in the fields of education and parenting, to empower kids with the skills and strengths to be positive leaders.


The world is evolving at “the speed of information”. We are constantly plugged into ever-changing streams of data. Multitasking is no longer just a skill – it’s a way of life.

Unfiltered access to information has revolutionized every aspect of society, including the way our children make choices. Children are being sent competing messages that can easily distract them from the values they are taught at home and in school.

Today we need to be more intentional in how we guide our children’s growth. Through a positive weekly social experience, GROW guides and empowers children to mindfully choose who they want to become – and gives them the tools to achieve their vision of their best selves.

Here's what the expert curriculum developers have to say:

"Grow teacherabbi simon jacobson.jpgs our children the core values of being a Mentch, this includes empathy, knowing how to listen, how to give, consideration, compassion, sensitivity."

Rabbi Simon Jacobson, author of bestselling book "Toward a Meaningful Life" which has been translated in 11 languages, and founder of Meaningful Life Center (called the "Spiritual Starbucks" by the New York Times).

Dr Michael Ben-Avie -- Scholar---Large.jpg "What GROW gives young children is a sense of competence in addressing trying situations, strategies for problem-solving, it promotes their resilience, and teaches them how to be a contributing, productive member of a group. What I see in GROW is the intentionality to talk about certain issues and to raise their attention. I think the reason GROW merits international attention is because of the cutting edge approach that it uses."
Dr Michael Ben-Avi PHD, Associate Research Scientist at the Yale Child Study Center’s School Development Program. academic psychologist with postdoctoral work in child neuropsychiatric disorders and research at the Yale Child Study Center. He is a nationally recognized expert on public education as co-editor of six books on educational change.

"JoannaFaber.JPGThe skills that Grow is teaching should make an immense difference in the home, because what you'll have is a relationship with your children where there is less conflict and more cooperation. More of a spirit of cooperation. More of a spirit of fun. Because a lot of what we do is playful too."
Joanna Faber, renown parenting expert and contributing author of "How to Talk so Kids Will Listen, and Listen so Kids Will Talk." 30th anniversary edition.