Building Launch
Together, we will make this dream  necessity a reality!

Join us for the crowdfunding event now live!
A 72 hour event, securing the funding needed to get the mortgage


If you are in the position, please consider being a matcher, so that your funds are stretched further, while encouraging others to also give

If you have friends or any type of following, please consider hosting a team, where you can set a goal that you can share with your friends and family

Please consider dedicating a room or any dedication in honor or in memory of someone you love 

Please reach out asap so that we can help you set it up
305-770-1919 ext 9 or [email protected]

Teams In Formation
Team Avi & Itta Freundlich Family with a goal of $9,000
Team Bernstein Family
Team Chao Family
Team CGI Highland Lakes

Team CTeen (Yosef Abramov) - High School Club with a goal of $10,000 
Team CTeen Junior - Middle School Club
Team Cohen with a goal of $18,000
Team Eidelman Family
Team Ingrid Espina
Team Fishman with a goal of As Much As Possible
Team Harazi with a goal of $250,000
Team Hijuelos with a goal of $5,000
Team Langford with a goal of $3,600
Team Levi Sudak with a goal of $5,000
Team Lucky-Zion with a goal of $6,000
Team Mendel Kievman with a goal of $770
Team Shluchim 5780 with a goal of $7,000
Team Shluchim 5781 with a goal of $1,800
Team Shluchim 5782 with a goal of $1,800
Team Sruly Bernstein with a goal of $10,000
Team Sudak Standmore with a goal of $54,000

Dedications in Formation
Click here for the list