Chabad Chayil Building.jpg
Original Architectural Design by Jacques Mandowsky of Creative Art & Design
Help make this dream a reality!

The new 5 story building will host our current award winning programs: CHAP, cKids, cTeen, GROW, Hebrew School & Dovid Bryn Library. It will G‑d willing include 14 Regular Classrooms, 2 Specialty Classrooms, Adult & Children's Libraries, Indoor Playground, Jungle Gym, Social Hall & Rooftop Park! With over 36,000 sf of indoor space and 10,000 sf of rooftop park and terraces, it will be a gem for the community, allowing us to expand our current programming and services to include a preschool & a whole line up of extra curricular activities! If you would like to join any of the committees, make a donation of any sort (financial, building materials, services..) or want to help in any way, please let us know!

Dedications Available

Mezuzah (27/30 Available - See below) $18,000
Front Door Mezuzah & Entrance $180,000
Nursing Lounge $36,000 - Dedicated
By Shmulie & Sara Bonnardel
Tree of Life $36,000 - Dedicated
By The Abarbanel Family
Classroom (12/13 Available - See below) $54,000
Art Classroom $72,000
Music Classroom $72,000

Elevator $90,000
Staircase Art Gallery One $90,000
Staircase Art Gallery Two $90,000
Staircase Art Gallery Three $90,000
Office Wing $180,000
Parking Lot $180,000
Themed Lobby $180,000 - Dedicated
By Barry Snyder, esq

Western Wall Patio $180,000
East Side Patio $180,000

Commercial Kitchen $101,000
8,000 SF Rooftop Park $613,000
Multipurpose Room / Social Hall $770,000
Indoor Themed Playground $360,000 - Dedicated
In loving memory of Batsheva bat Mordecahi & Eliyahu ben Shlomo
Children's Library $360,000
Library Balcony $66,000 Dedicated
By the Solomon-Barcon Family

Beit Medrash/Adult Learning Center $540,000
CHAP Name $1m
Preschool Name $1m

Building Dedication $1m - Dedicated
By Alberto & Stephanie Perlman

Campus Dedication $2.601m

Classroom Dedicated
In memory of Zvi Yoram ben Avraham Halevi

Mezuzahs Dedicated
Dani & Hofit Azuelas
Barker Family
Cohen Family

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Tree of Life
The magnificent tree by renown artist Isaac Algavi is already up & will move to the lobby of the new building!
Bronze Leaf $360, Silver Leaf $770, Gold Leaf $1001

Also Available
Books $36
Shelf of Books $613
Library Bookcase $1,800
Sophisticated Computerized Library System $10,000

Temporary Shul Dedications
Sidurim/Machzorim (Prayer Books) $36
Chumashim $60
Memorial Board I $10,000 - Dedicated By The Haftel Family
Memorial Baord II $10,000 - Dedicated By The Sartan Family
Memorial Plaque $450
Kiddush Board $5,400
Mechitza (5 Available) $3,600 - Co-sponsor $1,800
Aron Kodesh (Ark + 2 Parochets) $54,000-$72,000
Silver Crown for Torah $10,000

Sponsorship Opportunities
Weekly eMail $54
Shabbat Basic Kiddush $360 (Subsidized), Shabbat Deluxe Kiddush $540
Shabbat Dinner $600, Shabbat Dinner Co-sponsor $360
Seudat Shlishit $90
Weekday Breakfast $90
Sponsor a full month of a child in Hebrew School $260

$2,072 ($172.70 per month when divided over 12 months)
4 days = Founders Club

Circle of Friends
$1-A-Day Club / $1.80-A-Day Club / $3.60-A-Day Club / $5.40….
Any multiple of $18 per month gets you in the Chai Club!

To Dedicate Contact Rabbi Kievman or the Committee at (305) 770-1919 or
To donate online click here!