We are happy to announce that Chabad Chayil now has sections at Mt Sinai, Star of David & Lakeside Cemeteries

Mount Sinai Cemetery: 1125 NW 137th St, Miami, FL 33168
Directions from Chabad: Take i-95 to Opa Loca Dr (135the Street), Go west around 1 mile, Mt. Sinai Cemetery will be on your right side.

Lakeside Cemetery: 10301 NW 25th St, Miami, FL 33172
Directions from Chabad: Take the 826 west tp 25th Ave / Memorial Parkway, Go west around 2 miles, Lakeside Cemeteray will be on your right hand side. 

      As Rabbis we are privileged to be part of the most important events in families lives. We rejoice with you at baby namings and circumcisions, we welcome your children on the first day of preschool, spend quality time together at Hebrew School, give counsel before weddings and cry together when loved ones pass on.
      Rabbis do see much joy as well as tragedy. Yet some unpleasantness can and should be averted. There need not be anxiety, financial pressure, and last minute, difficult decisions about funeral services and burial plots when one is struggling with doctors and debilitating disease.
      How often we thought, if members of our community could just find the peace of mind necessary to focus on family rather than having to worry about coming up with thousands of dollars in one day's notice.
      That wish has been granted with an opportunity for us to buy our own burial section. Please take the time to investigate and acquaint yourself with the benefits that only in time you will come to appreciate.
      Long Life: Our sages say: Making arrangements for funeral services is a "segulah - lucky charm" for a Long life.
     Cost: Advertisements have recently appeared in local and Jewish newspapers announcing an increase in price for funeral services. This comes as no surprise. In fact, the trend has been for costs to double every decade. Our pre negotiated prices will save you thousands of dollars.
     Payment Schedule: Payment plans and discounts may be available. Please reach out to explain your needs so that we can try to figure out the best solution for your situation. 
     Halacha: You will have the peace of mind, knowing that everything will be according to Jewish law. This will also guarantee that you will not be pressured to buy extravagant and wasteful accouterments (i.e. Brass coffins with velvet) and that the actual service will be conducted in accordance with Halacha.

     Mt Sinai Cemetery: 10-15 minute drive from our area, in Opa Loca. It's the only exclusively Jewish cemetery in the 50 minute radius that follows Jewish law, without any 'condos' or the need for a vault. It has recently gone through a multi-million-dollar beautification. This is the cemetery with Rabbi Dovid Bryn z'l, also known as The Tzadik of Miami. There is also a section near the street, convenient for Kohanim.

     Lakeside: 35-45 minute drive from our area, in Doral, not far from MIA. We have the new Genesis section with sidewalks throughout so that there's no need for anyone to step on other graves. It also comes with a concrete slab underneath the headstones so that the headstone doesn't tilt.

     Star of David: 35-45 minute drive from our area, in Ft Lauderdale. They have a modern funeral home with a large-capacity chapel.

     Other Cemeteries: There are several other Jewish cemeteries in South Florida and we are able to help you with any one that works best for your needs and specific situation.  

     We hope to share in many (and only) simchas for many years to come. Remember what our sages say: Making arrangements for funeral services is a "segulah - lucky charm" for a long life.

     For more information and the latest pricing please reach out to [email protected] or call 305-770-1919. 

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Can I invite my own rabbi to officiate?
Yes. You can invite any rabbi you like to officiate, as long as they follow Halacha and are approved by Chabad Chayil. Please use
this form to tell us about your Jewish names, burial preferences and requests. 

Does purchasing a plot include everything needed for burial?
No. The purchase of a plot only includes the plot. Chevra Kadisha and all funeral arrangements are not part of this contract. But we can help advise you on what options you have. 

Can anyone I choose be buried in the plot I purchase?
No. Any individual being buried in the Chabad section must be 100% Halachakly Jewish as certified by the rabbinate of Israel.

Can a Chabad Chayil rabbi officiate for me?
Yes. Regardless if you have a plot in a Chabad Chayil section. In fact the vast majority of funerals we officiate at are not in the Chabad section. Please fill out 
this form. Although we prefer officiating at happy occasions, it's our honor to help your family at your time of need. 

What are the current pricing for South Florida cemeteries? 
Mt Sinai $5,400, Lakeside $5,000, Lake Worth $4,000, Star of David $6,000, Shalom Gardens $8,000, Beth David $11,000. There's also Fairway starting at $5,000.