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Wish List 

Please Help Us With Great Prizes & Quality Service

Acceptable Kosher Snacks, Paper Goods, Drinks, Fruits,  Prizes, 
Jewish DVDs, Holiday CDs, iPADs,
Sports Equiptment (Basketball Hoop..), Row, Paddle or other Boats for Camp, 
Quality HD Video Camera $700 (so many special moments to capture!)
Defibrillator Corner $1800

Printing, Day Trips, Security...

$1 Per Day Club! For less than the cost of a cup of coffee you can partner with EVERY DAY! 
Chai Club
, Multiple of $18 per month (multiply some chai in your life, every month!)
Adapt a Day in Chabad Chayil $968 (no better way to celebrate a date on your calendar!)
Sponsor a child for a year of Hebrew School $1,600 (they will thank you for generations to come)

Bigger Items:
New Mini Bus or Van $50,000 (so kids from other schools can join us every day!)
A room or wing in the
new building!

Put the name of a child or anyone you love on the Tree of Life while showing your commitment to Jewish education!
This beautiful tree is now in House II (aka the Shul) and will G‑d willing move with us to the new building very soon! 

If you can donate in any of these areas, please  contact us 
Please remember that although we graciously accepts all donations, items such as shabby, old dining room furniture does not really help us. Fixing, restoring and/or maintaining our equipment, furniture and programs at Chabad often has an additional service cost. Thus, antiquated donations often hurt more than help the general cause. (In particular, computer-related donations should be rather up-to-date, as obsolete equipment can not further our goals very well).  

Thanks so much for your partnership!

For a List of 10 More Easy Ways You Can Support Us (like if you use Amazon, Gas & or Cereals) Click Here