Community Clarification
We've been getting many calls inquiring about Beth Torahs new afterschool program at AWK8 & VABHOE. Although we thank G‑d live in a free country and everyone can do as they wish, we just want to clarify a few things, so that you can save yourself time calling.

1) It is not the CHAP program, which has been there all the years. It's a new program run by an organization called Beth Torah.

2) CHAP was started to fill a void, so that Jewish children not attending Jewish schools can have some kind of Jewish education, while their parents don't have to leave work by 2:00.

3) CHAP is still the only Judaic afterschool program in the area that takes place every day.

4) Just because an organization uses the word Torah as part of their name, doesn't mean their curriculum or ethics are Torah based.

5) While anyone can teach a subject, our hand picked staff not only teach it, they also live it and love it. (Rest assured that your children will never be introduced to gospel, even "just a gospel choir" at Chabad).

6) CHAP is an affordable program, where no child has ever been turned down due to lack of funds.

7) Although that program has been created after an unsuccessful attempt to close CHAP down, and specifically to combat the positive effect that CHAP has had in the community, Chabad will continue to be here to service all your Jewish needs. Chabad has just begun the construction process of it's new 37,000sf center, which will serve as an educational gem for the community, right here in Highland Lakes, with a preschool and complete array of Jewish afterschool programs. Projected completion Dec, 2022.

We want to remind parents to do their research and make an educated decision before enrolling their precious child in any program.

If you are a Beth Torah backer or a member of the media that wants further clarification, email [email protected]