Goodness & Kindness Club For a Better World
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The Goodness & Kindness Club is a volunteer based organization, where teenagers give of their time to a variety of causes, making the community a better place. Volunteer projects will include programs in old-age homes, visiting seniors that are home-bound and children with special needs and more. They become a friend to those that need a friend most.

Nothing makes someone feel better about themselves than spending time with friends that truly care about them. The volunteers' commitment and willingness to give of their time gives us hope for the future, reminding us that today’s young men and women are responsible and caring. And while our volunteers help others, they also have a lot of fun. The volunteers club rewards their altruism with a vigorous, round-the-year program of exhilarating social outings and activities just for them.

  • Teenagers become empowered as their character grows through volunteering! 
  • Volunteers are not paid — not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!
  • Be the HIGHLIGHT of someone's week!
  • Together, we can perform miracles!

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Volunteer Perks:
Have a great time with friends
Monthly barbeques
Make new friends
Community service hours
Volunteer appreciation dinner
Keep out of trouble!

Advisory Board:
Marina Blachman
Mindy Gould
Dr. Martin Karp
Rabbi Sholom Lipskar

Children with special needs
Senior facilities
Elders living alone
The Volunteers!
The entire community!

Kickoff event
Volunteer of the week
Club band

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