Bat Mitzvah Club

Bat Mitzvah Club

Introducing the all-new Bat Mitzvah Club

Bat Mitzvah preparation courses can be arranged for any Jewish child, regardless of background or affiliation.

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TQ: $485 Year

The Bat Mitzvah Club brings girls together, and helps Bat Mitzvah girls of today grow into Jewish women of tomorrow. Through interesting learning and fun activities, you will make new discoveries about yourself and the meaning of Bat Mitzvah. The Bat Mitzvah Club is an organization for girls, by girls, starring girls.

Club members meet weekly, make crafts and projects, take part in discussions, get involved in social activities and have a great time.

When you become a member, you are building a future for a Jewish tomorrow. Your personal progress and good achievements will change you and the world around you. In the Bat Mitzvah Club you will experience ever-growing knowledge and pride in being Jewish, female and a new adult. Joining any club involves choice, but you can be sure that joining the Bat Mitzvah Club is the right choice.

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Teen Queens - Beyond Bat Mitzvah Club

For girls ages 11-15

T.Q. is a Jewish Girls’ Teen Club that compacts exhilarating fun & meaningful community projects that are thrilling & uniting. With beautiful crafts, exciting activities, Jewish friends, delicious refreshments, trips, (& more…!!), you will be having the kind of fun that you’ll remember forever.