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Rabbi Bryn was amazing

 Rabbi Bryn was amazing. He was our rabbi when my mom died in 1995. My uncle would pick him up and take him every night for shiva. They got along really well.
I also attended Landau Yeshiva Center with Rabbi Bryn. He is greatly missed.
May he rest in peace.
Mindy Bloom-Brosch

Dovid Bryn Memories

It has been almost 21 years since Rabbi Bryn and his wonderful mother Mrs. Felicia Bryn helped us to organize and celebrate the birth of my daughter’s twins and the bris ceremony for my grandson.

We still remember how Rabbi Bryn, along with Mrs. Bryn, took the initiative to put together many great events for the Jewish refugees from the former Soviet Union. He helped many of us adjust in the new country: giving guidance, assisting in finding work, and reintroducing us to Jewish traditions and holidays we had become unfamiliar with.

We will always cherish our times with Rabbi Dovid Bryn and his family. His unconditional kindness was something truly incredible, with his work always being done directly from the heart for the good of others.

We truly appreciate you keeping his memory alive.

Bella Itkina

When my mother passed away..

When my mother passed away almost 25 years ago, Rabbi Bryn took care of my sister and me while we were in mourning.

Due to his bad eye sight, my uncle picked him up and took him every night before and after Minyan.  While he was at our home, his kind words and way of speaking were a huge to comfort to us. I also went to Hebrew school with Rabbi Bryn at Landau Yeshiva Center.... He was a kind gentle man who is greatly missed.

My best,
Mindy Bloom

In the ICU

When David was in the ICU, a few weeks before his passing, he called me! What did he need? It seems that there was a Russian Jew in the ICU, a patient. Despite David's weakness and discomfort he took interest in them and saw the opportunity to help them with their yiddishkeit so he found my phone number and asked me to bring over some Russian Jewish literature! What a Shliach!!

Shalom Black 


Bar Mitzvah Lessons


This picture was taken on 9/23/01. It was the day after my Bar Mitzvah.The rabbi was in the hospital, so he could not be there. Since there were two Cohens in the room he asked us to say a blessing. He gave me a face mask to use as a kippah and we gave him our blessing. He asked me to cover the funny picture on my shirt with a gauze pad and a piece of tape. During our lessons for the bar mitzvah, he used to pull my socks off and then I would try to pull off his. One time he got me all wet with a water gun he had and ended up giving it to me. I looked forward to our meetings, he was a great teacher and a dear friend I will never forget.

 Oren Ehrlich


A Malach

On our arrival to North Miami Beach for my medical treatment at Mount Sinai after a difficult illness - alone, trying to overcome many obstacles - a knock at the door and in walks a young man with a contagious smile and a big “Shalom Aleichem” that brought a media joy to our difficult beginning. Who was this Malach and how did he know we were very much in need of a friendly welcome - Dovid Bryn zt”l made it his business to know these things, and do the kindest of deeds. It didn't end there - Dovid cared and watched over our family during the duration of our stay in Miami. He was there for us, for our children Bali & Noah through the good times and the not-so-good times. Dovid knew what to say and how to say it with the warmth that touched the heart. Dovid had a gift to reach out to every individual and make a difference. He emanated love and the world felt that. We connected, as did every soul who met Dovid - we are still connected and will always remain connected to the special Neshama of Dovid Bryn zt”l.
Micha & Bracha Peled, Inbal, Noah, & families.

Rabbi Bryn Always Helping The World



If you ever met Rabbi Dovid he touched your soul in some way. He was one of the 36 Righteous People that are the Pillars that hold this world up. The Kolel Ha Rav Dovid Bryn in Tzfat Israel is dedicated to his memory and is open for the purpose of spreading his teachings. We hope for those that join that never met Rabbi Dovid Bryn we will be able to help you learn more about him. Once a year we have a gathering here at the kolel in Tzfat, Israel for an experence that visitors never forget.


Rabbi Bryn Loved Judiasim

 Reb Dovid loved his people, loved his religion and Torah and loved G-d. He had so much love that his body could not hold it. He was born with an abundance of love. He was always of uplifting spirit. And it was obvious to those that study the human body, that Dovid's had difficulty containing his love. His heart, filled with love and care for all, was always bursting. He knew it and we knew it. Some might be troubled by the precariousness of constantly living on the edge of existence, but Dovid's overflowing care for others left no room for worry for his own well-being.
“If he could breathe, then he would talk to others about G-d's good, the beauty of a Mitzva, or life's bright spots. If he could walk, then he would go to share life with others and show positive perspective as it should be seen. If he could drink, then he would toast L'Chaim to all things positive and constructive. If he could sing, then he would. If he could do, then he did. He showed strength not owned by men who appear stronger. He showed love that is only written about. He lived a full life of treating others as one would treat themselves. He did and lived 120 years of good in a third of the time.
”When I will need an example of the unrelenting power of love, I will think of him. “

Rabbi Bryn Made The World A Better Place


I just found this page. I am proud to say I knew Dovid Bryn when we were kids and were going to scholl together at Landow Yeshivah in Miami, Florida. Everyone who met Dovid benefited from his intelligence and knidness. The world became a better place through Dovid being part of it.


My Friend Rabbi Bryn

  we were close in yeshiva together....a very special soul that we miss

Rabbi Bryn An Honored Person


Truly a great and humble man. A tragic loss but a great honor to have been touched and inspired by him. We should all aspire to be as big of a mensch as he was.

He was always in our lives

The Rabbi Dovid Bryn, of blessed memory, was at my wedding on January 14, 1996, and at my daughter's baby naming on October, 6 1996. He also visited me when I was in the hospital, very ill in July, 1994. He was always in our lives, and was and always will be greatly loved and respected. He filled my family's life with love, good energy, and Torah and was an amazing person, Rabbi and friend. He always had a smile on his face and there was nothing that couldn't get accomplished with his warmth, and his great, positive attitude and amazing energy towards life.

Share a Memory

We are gathering memories, comments and anecdotes of Rabbi Bryn. If you or anyone you know has anything to contribute please share in the comments below. We would love to hear your thoughts and recollections.

Happy Rabbi Bryn


What can I add that has not already been said? Only that Rabbi Brynn never took himself seriously....His easy laugh and the twinkles in his eyes evident even through the thick lenses.

Rabbi Brynn loved to sing famous songs and put his own words to them. ie "Country Road"  Rabbi Brynn would sing loud and clear his own lyrics to that melody and would get a kick out of including whoever was in front of him to sing along.He was truly a good man with a Gutta Neshama  of blessed memory .....G d Bless his soul.....

Rabbi Brynn was  happy and fulfilled when he could help others. Rabbi Brynn never told you he was to BUSY. Rabbi Brynn never TURNED HIS BACK on you or anyone in NEED. Whether it be of physcial help, or emotional support. Rabbi Brynn was never to TIRED to LISTEN and ANSWER countless questions, or VISIT his congregants and non-congregants alike. There were never enough hours in a day to complete Rabbi Brynn"s  "MITZVAH RUNS ".

G d blessed Rabbi Brynn with a gift so precious, to be able to connect with people of all walks of life,races and religion....and G d blessed us all for knowing Rabbi Brynn. I know he touched my life and my families life in so many ways and I still quote Rabbi Brynn on many occasions.

But most of all I will always remember Rabbi Brynn liked to enjoy life sing and dance and not sweat the small stuff.

His easy laugh and the twinkles behind the thick glasses.

Rabbi Bryn A Hero


Rabbi Bryn: " I really wanted my Autistic Son to have a Bar Mitzvah. Rabbi Bryn made it happen- it was real - it was wonderful and it made a centuries old tradition available for  my jewish male,who got to become a  jewish man. I was so proud of my son and my religion and will always be grateful to Rabbi Bryn for what he gave me and my son"

here is the photo again June 17,1998- Joshua Lawrence Bar Mitzvah

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