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Dovid Bryn Memories

Thursday, 24 December, 2020 - 11:17 am

It has been almost 21 years since Rabbi Bryn and his wonderful mother Mrs. Felicia Bryn helped us to organize and celebrate the birth of my daughter’s twins and the bris ceremony for my grandson.

We still remember how Rabbi Bryn, along with Mrs. Bryn, took the initiative to put together many great events for the Jewish refugees from the former Soviet Union. He helped many of us adjust in the new country: giving guidance, assisting in finding work, and reintroducing us to Jewish traditions and holidays we had become unfamiliar with.

We will always cherish our times with Rabbi Dovid Bryn and his family. His unconditional kindness was something truly incredible, with his work always being done directly from the heart for the good of others.

We truly appreciate you keeping his memory alive.

Bella Itkina

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Anonymous wrote...

Rabbi Bryn was amazing. He was our rabbi when my mom died in 1995. My uncle would pick him up and take him every night for shiva. They got along really well.
I also attended Landau Yeshiva Center with Rabbi Bryn. He is greatly missed.
May he rest in peace.
Mindy Bloom-Brosch