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18th Yohrtzeit

6 Iyar, marks the 18th Yohrtzeit of our beloved Rabbi Dovid Bryn zt"l, founder of the California Club Shul & Chabad Chayil. Please join us for a special live online Farbrengen, where will reminisce the good old days and inspire one another during this trying time. If you would like to share a few words, please let us know, and we'll set you up. Very little tech experience is required on your part.  

The Virtual Farbrengen will G-d willing take place Thursday, April 30, 8:30pm on Facebook Live , our YouTube channel and hopefully right here at RabbiDovidBryn.org. Please like and share so that others find out.  

If you would like to visit his
resting place
, the cemetery will be open, but is asking everyone to use proper social distancing. So if there are too many people there when you get there, please wait until they get back into their cars, before you come out of yours. They also asked to remind everyone to of course where a mask. 

May we merit world healing soon, with he coming of Moshiach!

Warmest Regards,
Rabbi Moishe Kievman

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PPS Check out the article about him published today on

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Rabbi Dovid Bryn Z"TL

Reb Dovid loved his people, loved his religion and Torah and loved G-d. He had so much love that his body could not hold it. He was born with an abundance of love. He was always of uplifting spirit. And it was obvious to those that study the human body, that Dovid's had difficulty containing his love. His heart, filled with love and care for all, was always bursting. He knew it and we knew it. Some might be troubled by the precariousness of constantly living on the edge of existence, but Dovid's overflowing care for others left no room for worry for his own well-being.

If he could breathe, then he would talk to others about G-d's good, the beauty of a Mitzva, or life's bright spots. If he could walk, then he would go to share life with others and show positive perspective as it should be seen. If he could drink, then he would toast L'Chaim to all things positive and constructive. If he could sing, then he would. If he could do, then he did. He showed strength not owned by men who appear stronger. He showed love that is only written about. He lived a full life of treating others as one would treat themselves. He did and lived 120 years of good in a third of the time. When I will need an example of the unrelenting power of love, I will think of him.

Thank You!

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Enjoy the memories & get motivated to do something positive for another! Let's change the world for good, one Mitzvah at a time!