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From our inbox
Dear Rabbi and Layah: 
Congratulation to you and all the staff for the warm, creative, and wondeful Chanukkah show that all the children performed last week. Congratulation for the organization on the stage, the food, the children's presents, the commitment of everyone in the program shows every day , where the  expression " Where learning is a work of art... and teaching is a work of heart!" comes true. I feel honored to have my child as part of this incredible community. I would like to give special thanks to Rabbi Levy for bringing such a sweet and lovely Chanukkah video to our lives,  as a parent I can't stop to feel  proud, and enthusiastic about the video. It will be part of our family memories forever. I have shared it with everyone in my family and friends.  
One more time congratulation to all of you for this sucess! 
Sara Fridm an