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Happy Rabbi Bryn

Tuesday, 24 April, 2012 - 11:28 pm


What can I add that has not already been said? Only that Rabbi Brynn never took himself seriously....His easy laugh and the twinkles in his eyes evident even through the thick lenses.

Rabbi Brynn loved to sing famous songs and put his own words to them. ie "Country Road"  Rabbi Brynn would sing loud and clear his own lyrics to that melody and would get a kick out of including whoever was in front of him to sing along.He was truly a good man with a Gutta Neshama  of blessed memory .....G d Bless his soul.....

Rabbi Brynn was  happy and fulfilled when he could help others. Rabbi Brynn never told you he was to BUSY. Rabbi Brynn never TURNED HIS BACK on you or anyone in NEED. Whether it be of physcial help, or emotional support. Rabbi Brynn was never to TIRED to LISTEN and ANSWER countless questions, or VISIT his congregants and non-congregants alike. There were never enough hours in a day to complete Rabbi Brynn"s  "MITZVAH RUNS ".

G d blessed Rabbi Brynn with a gift so precious, to be able to connect with people of all walks of life,races and religion....and G d blessed us all for knowing Rabbi Brynn. I know he touched my life and my families life in so many ways and I still quote Rabbi Brynn on many occasions.

But most of all I will always remember Rabbi Brynn liked to enjoy life sing and dance and not sweat the small stuff.

His easy laugh and the twinkles behind the thick glasses.

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