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Extra Tefillin

 It was at the Shloshim of the Rebbe. An announcement was made that everyone should take upon themselves an extra Mitzvah to do. Living an observant life already, I thought it would be best to ask Rabbi Bryn as to what new thing to take upon myself in honor of the Rebbe. He could have told me a number of things to do more of to learn, daven with more kavana, etc. It was of no surprise to hear from him to put Tefillin on the Israeli guys playing soccer in a school yard every Sunday morning. This was something he used to do himself years earlier before he had his Shul, but he couldn't physically do everything himself. So, almost every week for a few years, even though it was close to a 10 minute drive, I came over to put Tefillin on these guys. For some of them, it was actually something that they looked forward to.
In any case, knowing himself that it was not possible to put Tefillin on all of them by one person as they all came to play within a few minutes, he spoke at nearby farbrengen not long afterwards, requesting for others to assist me. After all, he reasoned that the Israeli guys are sacrificing their family time by getting up early Sunday morning to play with their buddies, so in the same way, Lubavitchers who are davening at eight can spend just a few minutes afterwards putting Tefillin on these guys.
Happy to say, his words didn't totally fall on deaf ears. For a little while, I had one guy or another assist me putting Tefillin on them. And for the players themselves, there was one who after a few weeks got his own pair of Tefillin so it wasn't necessary for him to have to especially put it on right before the game. This is just one example of the hundreds of stories about the Zechus Harabim that Rabbi Bryn had.
Rabbi Bryn was known among other qualities to be humble. At the bottom of letters that he composed, pertaining to helping someone or thanks for donation, he often signed with only his first name spelled out in Hebrew. There were other times that he included his last name, but I don't ever recall seeing his signed name to include his title Rabbi. This reminds me of the original Dovid King David, who was known among other things to be very charitable, yet as he stated of himself in Tehillim “I am a worm and not a man”.
It's interesting to note that the name Dovid spelled in Hebrew can be read forwards and backwards. Yes, in and out, Rabbi Bryn was for real. He wasn't just a learned man or showed off his generosity. He truly did what he did for others, it wasn't a show for himself. Sometimes, you may hear people say something not quite nice about some other rabbis, but I can't ever recall anyone saying anything in the negative about him. Only a truly humble person is one that virtually everyone can't help but love him.

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