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The Water Gun

 The "holy” water gun. It was Rabbi Bryn's favorite toy. Did I say the Rabbi's toy? Well, he loved
squirting with it, and at one point or another, no one was immune from being sprayed by it when it was in his hands. I mean that literally, I even saw him squirting himself once. Why not, if it didn't bother himself, why would it bother anyone else? He had his pre-Bar Mitzvah students over sitting at the couch with him when he squirted it at them at the appropriate moment(s). It was a fad for a while, as it was being used by others, but eventually, he took control of it again. And then, it was Simchat Torah. Everyone he saw at the end of davening after Hakofos and finishing the Torah, he squirted. "Good Yom Tov!" he happily exclaimed as the squirting sound could be heard. Did I tell you, I was one of those he squirted that day.
The moral of the story? How many other rabbis would be willing to show it in such a playful manner in showing their Simchas Yom Tov? It reminds me of the ancient Dovid, known as King David, who danced in such joy when the Holy Ark was being marched to Yerushalayim, to its permanent home, and though his wife Michal scolded him for acting in such an "unbecoming manner", he replied back that it was most fitting to dance and act the way he did in the happiness he displayed in honoring such a holy occasion. Yes, holiness isn't just something that we fear as we dress to impress with suit and tie, or kapoto. Displaying happiness, even in a playful manner (as long as it doesn't in itself violate Halacha), in showing our respect for what Hashem want us to look up to, is the ultimate goal of how we are in the level rank of serving Hashem.


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