Dear Friend,

If you've come to this page, you probably know a bit about Chabad Chayil & we thank you for being a part of our family! By now you are surely familiar with CHAP (Dade County's #1 Rated Afterschool Program), CTeen in the high schools, Shabbat & Holiday Meals, Top Notch Youth Programs, the largest Jewish Library in FL, Meaningful Street Fairs & Community Events, Kosher Halfway House and other services offered. All of Chabad's work can only happen with your help. Thus we invite you to b ecome a partner in our valuable work and get blessed from every Mitzvah we accomplish together! Give Chai! Get Chai!

The Chai Club is comprised of individuals committed to the financial support of Chabad Chayil.

Chabad does not ask for annual membership dues. We believe in an open-door policy, where everyone is welcome. Yet we still have bills to pay.

A crucial element of support for our work comes from hard-working individuals who commit to a monthly contribution. These monthly donations add up and make a great difference in covering our operational budget.

Chabad Chayil's 2019 Chai Club goal is to get 100 new people to give $3.60 per day but really, any amount you sign up for will make a huge difference and is greatly appreciated. 

With Blessing,  
Rabbi Moishe & Layah Kievman

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you can partner with us EVERY DAY!  
$3.60 Per Day = $108 per month
$5.40 Per Day = $162 per month
$1.80 Per Day = $54 per month

Any amount is significant 

“Each and every penny adds up to a large amount” The Talmud
Chai Club = Any monthly donation in multiples of 18 gets you into the club 
Chai Silver Circle Club = A monthly donation of $101 or more 
Adopt-a-Day = 1/365th of our annual operational budget 
Founders Club = Starts at 4 Days
we will go through our budget with you & can give you a copy of our audited financials   
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It’s thanks to you that people have a place to call home, to spend Shabbat, to celebrate, to study & to pray. And it’s thanks to you that countless people are able to be helped in a real way, every day of the year. So on behalf of those you’re helping, Thank You!

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