What do you think about being part of making sure that every single Jewish person in the area has Shmura Matzah for their Seder this Passover!?! Let's do it! Become a Freedom Ambassador! Do you have a colleague to share Shmura Matzah with? Join us for an Ambassador Meeting & pick up your Shmura Matzah to distribute..

Monday, March 27, 8:00pm at Chabad Chayil  RSVP Here

Currently we have sponsors enough to give 3 Handmade Shmura Matzahs to 400 people, plus another sponsor which is thinking to sponsor another hundred! If you would like to sponsor more, please be in touch. If you would like to sponsor more, please be in touch or click here and put in the notes what it's for. 

Generously Sponsored by the Hercenberg & Labkowsky Families
לע"נ איסר בן אפרים קוריק
May Hashem repay you many times over!