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Oy. The good news is that those that did not yet have a chance to complete their portions, will now have some extra time.
The bad news is, it looks like we have to postpone the Torah Dedication Completion Ceremony. Hopefully just by a bit. 
The Sofer informed us that his wife is not feeling well and as it stands now will not have ample time to complete the entire Torah on time for May 21.
We will keep everyone updated as soon as we have a date. For now lets pray for her (and anyone else in the community that needs a Refuah Shleima) to have a complete and speedy recovery - Luna Chana bas Aysha.


Torah Completion Ceremony
Watch the scribe complete the final letters of the Torah Scroll

Grand Parade
Join the joyous procession as we accompany the Torah to its home with live music, torches and a Chupah

Hakafot Singing & Dancing
Join the traditional Simchat Torah celebration and formal induction of a new Torah

Festive Meal
The Siyum Sefer Torah should be celebrated like a wedding. This Torah deserves a wedding like no other!

Join the Planning Committee
Nothing just happens by itself. If you are able and willing to join our dedicated team of volunteers to plan or execute this once-in-a-lifetime event please reach out!
[email protected] or [email protected] 


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