Feb 19, 8:30pm

Everyone has a story. Everyone has something they wish YOU knew. Often we think we get it; that we truly understand and empathize with our friends and family. Many times though, we don't know what they're actually going through or how to be a great listener.

At Chabad Chayil, we focus on the idea that everyone has a specific purpose in life and that everyone belongs. Rather than, "go it alone," we know that building a supportive community is the only way for us each to be successful and to truly be there for one another.

Join us as we celebrate inclusion with 800 communities across the globe on February 19, 2022, at 8:30pm for our “One Thing I Wish You Knew” virtual live streamed event featuring 3 national advocates of inclusion and true listeners.

This meaningful evening will be an opportunity to learn of the courage and struggles of our friends, neighbors, and family members so we can understand how to better rally behind them. 

Because inclusion begins with listening.

Come back here or visit ShabbaTTogether.com for more information, and to participate in the event.

To learn more about inclusion and what Chabad is doing about it click here