Challah Baking for Israel

Thursday, 2nd Nov at 8:00 pm 
The Family Shul 
2601 NE 211 Terr. Miami, FL 33180

For women & girls in support of Eretz Yisrael & Am Yisrael.

RSVP Here:  Please let us know you are coming!

Due to an overwhelming response, we can only accommodate those bringing their own ingredients.
Option I: Bring your own bowl & ingredients & join the Mitzvah (no charge)!

Sold Out: Option II: We’ll purchase for you ($17.50) the bowls & ingredients!

Sold Out: Option III: We’ll purchase for you the bowls & ingredients! (No Charge) 

Sponsor the evening (in honor of something) $540. Cosponsor $180 or any amount.

For Girls & Women

Invite your friends and get ready for a night to remember! 
To RSVP or make a donation of any amount, click here