Purim Schedule 5780

Monday, March 9

6:30 Mincha 

7:50 SHARP Megillah

8:30 Teen Party 

9:30 Additional Megillah Reading

Tuesday, March 10

8:40 Shachris

9:15 Megillah

10:30 Late Morning Megillah

 5:15 Megillah followed by the Family Purim Party

7:00 Megillah (final one for the year) Party for young adults will continue until 10:00!

All welcome! Food, L'chaim, Live Music, Entertainment. No charge!

Purim Mega Site / Donate / RSVP for Party

 Chabad Chayil Purim Out of This World.jpg

If anyone would like to help poor people locally or in Israel, or if you want to help sponsor the Purim Party, please let us know.


Wishing you a very Happy Purim,
Rabbi Moishe & Layah Kievman


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