Purim Schedule 5779

Wednesday, March 20th

6:30: Mincha 

7:55 SHARP: Megillah

9:00: Additional Megillah Reading

Thursday, March 21st

8:40: Shachris

9:15: Megillah

10:30: Late Morning Megillah

5:15: Megillah followed by the Family Purim Party

7:00: Megillah (final one for the year) Party for young adults will continue until 10:00!

All welcome! Food, L'chaim, Live Music, Entertainment. No charge!

Oldie but goodie! Enjoy & share!



If anyone would like to help poor people locally or in Israel, or if you want to help sponsor the Purim Party, please let us know.

Wishing you a very Happy Purim,

Rabbi Moishe & Layah Kievman