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Our Mission Statement:

The mission at Chabad Chayil is to promote and strengthen Jewish awareness, pride, and observance, by providing educational, cultural, and social activities to all Jewish individuals and families regardless of background or affiliation. 

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Rabbi Moishe & Layah Kievman

Adult Education
After-School Programs
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Clubs
Chai Seniors
Chanukah Concert
Daily Bread Bank
Fax of Life
Friday Mivtzoim
Guest Speakers 
Hebrew School
High Holiday Services
Holiday Guides
Holiday Kits
Hospital Visitation
Jewish Birthday Club
Kabbalah Classes
Kaddish Arrangements
Lunch n’ Learn
Mezuzah Installations
Passover Seder
Personal (yidishkeit) Trainer
Public Menorahs
Purim Bash
Purim Food Baskets
R.C. Woman’s Club
Shabbat Dinners
Shavuot Ice Cream Party
Teffilin Bank
Weekly Classes

Advisory Board:
Mr. Usher Bryn, Esq.
Mr. Abraham Cohen
Mr. Judah Holland
Dr. Morris Levy
Mr. Barry Snyder, Esq.

Founders Club:
Usher & Brenda Bryn 07'
Natan & Diana Bursztyn 08'
Abraham & Wendy Cohen 07'-08' 
Susan Dengate 08'
Dr. Michael Goldin 07'-08'
Judah & Hillary Holland 07'-08'

Isaac & Susy Mendal 07'-08'
Jose & Margarita Minski 07'-08'
Billy & Perla Najman 07'-08' 
Avi & Ruth Narkes 08'
Barry Snyder 07'-08'
Roberto & Margie Szerer 07'-08'
Paul Zimmerman 07'

Now Open! 
The Dovid Bryn Memorial
Multi Media Library & Learning Center