Please join us in prayer for those who are not yet well

Men Women
Michael Shlomo ben Devorah (Wohl) Chaya Leah bas Rachel (Rubin. Barrys cousin March 1) 
Gavriel ben Esther (Berenfus)  Rivkah bas Sarah (adelson)
Kasriel ben Feigal Odel (Matis) Elana Leah bas Shaindel Rochel (Kasel)
Mordechai ben Feigale Rose (Smulevitch) Esther Gittle bas Shoshana (Parnes)
אהרן בן ברכה (Dec 12/10) Ivriah bas Feigah (Aronchik June 10) 
Jeff ben Mirel Rivkah Miriam bas Leah (Apel) 
Velvel ben Hinda (Markowitz) Yisraella Leah bas Yeta Aviva (Arlene daughter)  
 Godel Ben Miriam (Grinstein Friend) Bruche bas Frodel (Esther Haftel sister Feb 17)  
  Fruma Yehosheva bas Sheina Liba (Phylis)
Avraham ben Leah (Harriets father) 


Chaim Daniel Eliyahu ben Beila Feiga (G Abraham)
Hershl Motel ben Etl Blume (Ricardo Klachko) Genendel bas Devorah (Jan Schneider) 
Yosef Yitzchok ben Brocha (Hurowits)  
Yaakov ben Bracha (Jacob Geller)   Alta Sheina bas Chaya Mushka 
  Shana Esther bas Hannah (Judy Reich July 20)

Dina Zelda bas Libby (Blanders Mother Feb 5)

Sholom ben Tikva (Gabay Jan 20)   
  Zelpa bat Kasiah (Aharon)
Avraham ben Gittel (Ponte) Leah Bas Rashka (Phillis Miller)
  Chana Rivka bas Tomer Dena (Anita Hoffman Jan 12) 
  Shelly bat Vered (Horev niece)

Pinchos Meir ben Hinde Gittel (Evelyn Faigenblat father, April 16) 

  Ayelet bat Dorit (Avner Saffati) Dec 3
Refael Nissen Benyamen ben Nechama (Dec 21) 



Keren bat Cochava (Avner Saffati April 2) 

Luna Chana bas Aysha (Boaz) 




Jewish tradition ordains that whenever the Torah is read we are granted a special and uniquely opportune moment to invoke blessing for those in need of divine intervention. The rabbi will use the list during  mi sheberach prayers at the Torah, and those saying Tehillim will have these people in mind.

For those in the area, we can coordinate sick visits (bikur cholim) to hospitals. Please remember to remove a name when mi sheberach prayers are no longer required. Names will be automatically removed after 7 days. If the person is still in need of prayers on their behalf, please resubmit their names to us. Thank you.

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We wish you a quick and complete recovery!
May you come by soon to tell us good news!