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If you have an American Express card, you can donate $25 without it costing you a penny!!!!!

American Express is having a promotion on "Small Business Saturday", November 24th. Donate $25 and AMEX will credit your account for the $25 - so at the end of the day, you helped the community at no cost!

You can do this with every AMEX card that you have.
Even if a family member has a card on the same account as you, their card is eligible too!

This is truly an opportunity not to pass up. Please fill out your information below. We will register your card for the promotion and charge your card on Saturday, November 24th after Shabbat. If you have multiple cards, please fill out the form below again for each additional card.

To register with Amex please click here & then fill out the info below. If you would like, we can register with Amex for you!

If you have a moment, please email this to your friends and family. The moment that it would take would really help us tremendously.

Thank you!

Donations are also tax deductable. International cards are not eligible for this promotion.
To make a regular donation click here.

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Expiration Date [MM/YY] 

I have already registered with Amex. Please charge my card on the 24th.
Please register my card with Amex for me & then charge my card on the 24th.