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Please join us in prayer for those who are not yet well

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Men Women
Yehuda Aryeh ben Sarah (Limor) Shula bat Zohara (Alkoby May 22) 
Moshe Chaim ben Chashe (Salk) Yudit bas Nechama  
Shmuel Chaim Ben Alta (Dovid Hacohen June 15)  Chava Rachel bas Serka (May 29)
Kasriel ben Feigal Odel (Matis) Elana Leah bas Shaindel Rochel (Kasel)
Mordechai ben Feigale Rose (Smulevitch) Esther Gittle bas Shoshana (Parnes)
Aidan Idan ben Jodie Yehudit (Apel Friend June 19)  Yudit bas Nachama (Dovid Hacohen June 15)
Jeff ben Mirel Rivkah bat Miriam (Apel) 
Avraham ben Charna (Krasner June 5) Sarah Chana bat Yehudit (Marla Towbin Friend, March 28) 
Mordechai ben Goltaj (Mounesa Sept 1) Devorah Bas Nishe Leah (Brook April 8)
Mordechai ben Esther? (Danielle brother, Feb 2)  Rivka Rochel bas Esther (Rona)
Yerachmiel ben Tzipora (Glazer March 11)
Fruma Yehosheva bas Sheina Liba (Phylis)
Hershel Chaim ben Yentel (Kubilian. Hershel Friend June 21) 
Chaim Daniel Eliyahu ben Beila Feiga (G Abraham)  
Ruben ben Chana (Kloda May 2)
Moshe Chaim Ben Olga (BenShmuel Cousin)
Feiga bas Chaya (Grinspun March 10)
Yosef Yitzchok ben Brocha (Horowits) Leah bat Tziporah (Grinspun March 10)
Leibel Tzvi Ben Chana Shprintza (Blander)
Reuven ben Bluma (Grinspun March 10)

Chana Shprintza bas Janet (Blander Apr 5th)

Eliezer ben Bluma (Grinspun March 10) Bracha Rivkah bas Sara Basyah (Korf)
Baruch Chaim ben Toba (Grinspun Dec 5) Dina Zelda bas Libby (Blanders Mother Feb 5)
Gereshum Chayam Ben Racu Mendel (Leon's Friend) Feb 20  
Moshe Chaim Ben Sarah (Berkson April 17) Lea bat Rivka (Apel)
Avraham ben Gittel (Ponte) Gitel bat Chaya
Berel Ben Adele (Barry Rosenberg March 30)
Shmuel Yakov ben Sarah Golda (Phyllis March 24)  
Yehuda ben Hel (Julio Kubliun, June 21)   

Jewish tradition ordains that whenever the Torah is read we are granted a special and uniquely opportune moment to invoke blessing for those in need of divine intervention. The rabbi will use the list during mi sheberach prayers at the Torah, and those saying Tehillim will have these people in mind.

For those in the area, we can coordinate sick visits (bikur cholim) to hospitals. Please remember to remove a name when mi sheberach prayers are no longer required. Names will be automatically removed after 7 days. If the person is still in need of prayers on their behalf, please resubmit their names to us. Thank you.

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