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CHAP Scholarship Fund

For 24 hours a portion of every dollar raised by Chabad Chayil for childrens education will be matched by Miami Foundation. Our goal is 360 donors

How To Give - 2 Easy Steps 
1)  Click Here 
2) Make a donation of any amount (minimum $25 for their match) using your credit card. That's it. You're done. If you can now share this with your friends, would be amazing! Thank you!
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We are Dade County's ONLY Judaic based after-school program! Your support helps tremendously! Every little bit.

$10,000 Cash Raffle Incentive
GiveMiami donations of $54 or more will automatically enter you into a raffle for $10,000 + other Great Prizes!
$54 = 1 Ticket
$99 = 2 Tickets
$180 = 5 Tickets 
$360 = 11 Tickets 
$540 =18 Tickets + Bronze Leaf on our Tree of Life
$770 = 25 Tickets + Silver Leaf on our Tree of Life

$1000 = Raffle Sponsor - 40 Tickets + Gold Leaf on our Tree of Life 

Raffle will be drawn Jan 8, 2018


Added Bonus for This Year
In addition to the above mentioned incentives
$540 or more will get you a Bronze Leaf for Life on the
Tree of Life
$770 or more will get you a Silver Leaf for Life on the 
Tree of Life
$1,000 or more will get you a Gold Leaf for Life on the 
Tree of Life

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We are looking for as many volunteers as possible to help with the phones, processing donations and social media! Please let us know if you can help asap!


See first hand what you are funding!